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Our 9th Annual Hanover Band Banquet is upon us!

Come join this celebration of another outstanding year of band successes this MAY 30TH at 6pm in the HHS Commons.
We will begin with a pot-luck dinner, and then at approx. 7pm, move our festivities into the Auditorium where the Awards presentation will  begin.  Everyone in our band program will be recognized for their individual and group achievements!  We will also be showing the 2011-2012 end-of-year slideshow, as well as the Class of 2012 slideshow, which includes all of those cute baby pics we love to see each year :)

The banquet is free and open to all supporters of the HHS Band.  Most band students choose to dress up for this event, but it is not mandatory of our guests.  We do kindly ask that each band student/family bring one item for our pot-luck dinner.  We would appreciate it if you could bring your item ready-to-be served by 6pm on May 30th.  Dinner will be self-service.  Thank you in advance for bringing disposable containers, or for taking home your personal items after the ceremony.

Freshmen - main dish
Sophomores - side dish
Juniors - main dish
Seniors - dessert
Band will provide drinks/paper products/serving utensils

Thank you!  I'm looking forward to celebrating with you on May 30th.
Also - SAVE THE DATE!  Our final concert will be Tuesday, June 5th at 7pm in the HHS Auditorium :)


Good evening!
Thanks to those of you who came to our presentation tonight.  I hope it was helpful.  I've already heard a lot of positive feedback about the Charms program.  I think its going to be a huge asset to our band, and will really help with communication.  We hope to have PayPal in place by the summer, which will also enable you to make payments online. It will track fundraising money into your student accounts as well.  As we get to know more about the program, and make updates - we will be certain to email you.  The program asks for your cell phone carrier b/c it even enables me to send reminders via texting!

There are questions regarding the Disney trip that I thought I could consolidate here:
  • There is a mistake on the Commitment Form - however, that mistake is not on the brochure. The brochure is correct.  We are departing the evening of Dec. 14th, and returning at approx. noon on Dec. 18th.  Students will be missing Mon - Tues ONLY. 
  • Parents who want to chaperone can fill out the same Commitment Form - payment is the same, although you will be rooming in double-occupancy.
  • Parents can choose to room Single Occupancy, but it is an additional fee - I don't have that yet, but will once the trip is closer.
  • The package price is based on quad occupancy room for students - students need to plan on rooming with other students.  Other fees may incur if parents want to room with their student.
  • Some folks have been asking if they can keep their student in Florida and continue their family vacation there - the answer is yes - however, I need to make sure that I am present for the official "hand-off" so that I know the student is now in your hands and no longer under the responsibility umbrella of the band - just a safety issue.
  • I cannot book family vacations - I can only book for students and chaperones. 
We are trying to do the evening SpectroMagic Parade on Saturday -but I won't know about that for awhile...

I hope that answers some questions that may have arisen in the meeting.  To view tonight's Prezi: just click the following link!

If you missed tonight's meeting - please check out the above link, and then pick up your paperwork from me.

Reminder - forms and $ are due NO LATER THAN MAY 31ST!!!

Thank you in advance for what looks to be an awesome marching band season :)

~Mrs. Birdsong


Hanover High School Colorguard try-outs start next Monday!

If you are interested in twirling a flag or rifle as a part of our HHS Marching Hawks next fall, come to Colorguard try-outs!  Instruction and choreography will be given Monday through Wednesday (April 23rd - 25th), with auditions being held on Thursday, April 26th. 

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing as this is a physical activity. Contact Amy Birdsong, band director, for more details at abirdsong@hcps.us


HHS non-graduating band students/families:

Please plan on attending our 2012 Marching Band Information night.  We have some new things for you this year - a very different presentation!  I will play you part of our 2012 marching show, give the exciting details of our trip next year,  go over some information regarding our band camp schedule (we are trying something new!),  & explain some important logistics about marching band in general, as well as specifics for 2012.

Mark it on your calendars!

Monday, May 7th, 2012
HHS Auditorium

Mrs. Birdsong :)


Band members:

Happy Monday!

A couple of notes about next year's band classes:

Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble audition pieces are outside of the band room in envelopes marked as such.  Please prepare each excerpt on the page.  Auditions will take place on April 4th after school.  I will put a sign-up outside of the band room by the end of this week.  Auditions will take approx. 5 minutes each.  Each audition will include major scales (2 randomly selected from 12 major scales), the prepared excerpts, and a sight-reading selection. 
Percussion Ensemble students need to let me know by next Wed. which class you are planning to be in. Remember - you need to spend at least 2 years in percussion ensemble before moving to Wind Ensemble, however, it is not mandatory to move into Wind Ensemble.
A.P. Music Theory is being offered next year, but I would prefer a few more students to be enrolled.  While it is a difficult class (at times), you do learn A LOT about the music you love, and I try to teach it in a creative way :) 
While I would love to teach all of you in every class I have, it is just not always feasible or appropriate.  So  - please understand that auditions are a necessary evil, and in no way qualify my respect for you as individual as well as a musician.  Thanks in advance for your understanding!
Have a great week!

Mrs. Birdsong :)


Wow!  I am still in the clouds after the amazing performances both bands gave yesterday.  Way to go guys! I could not be more proud of each of you. What a demonstration of true teamwork, motivation, and pride in a job well done.  This band continually pushes themselves to higher and higher expectations, and the philosophy is working very well for you.  Not just in music...but this appreciation for the value of hard work and pride in a job well done will serve you well for your entire life.   I am so very impressed with you all....there is no band director as lucky as me!

If you would like to hear even more great music AND get extra credit...come to Glen Allen HS tomorrow for a free concert of the Commonwealth Winds at 6pm.   Just come see me afterwards and I will document your attendance.  I will give you even more bonus points if you come with additional guests.  Concert band...we are playing chorale and shaker dance :). Hope to see you all there.  On Monday we will turn in music, watch your DVD of the performance, and celebrate!  No instruments needed.  Wednesday we will begin to sight read new music for the spring concert.

Have a great Sunday!  Thanks again for a great birthday yesterday :)

Mrs. Birdsong


A few updates to pass along...
Congrats to Ben Brandt, Julia Dry and Charlie Frise for making the All-VA Bands!  I was so proud of all 11 students auditioning for taking on such a large challenge and doing as well as they did with the pressure they endured through that event.  Thanks for representing Hanover so well :)  Ben, Julia and Charlie will be performing at James River HS in Chesterfield on April 14th - the concert is free (and LOCAL) so you should make plans to check it out.  Also... from my research - these three outstanding musicians just gave the HHS Band another exciting bit of data - not only did we have the most students at District Band, the highest number of students auditioning for our District at All-VA at JMU, but it looks like we have the most students from our District MAKE All-VA Band.   Way to go!

I still have just a few Kroger Cares cards left - I would love to go ahead and get them out to interested parties.  We can always get additional ones if needed.

Concert Band - the last morning practice for this concert cycle is next Friday - March 16th - before leaving for the Assessment Event at Deep Run HS.  We have cancelled the the rehearsal originally scheduled for March 13th.  Reminder - we load buses at 10am, you will need $ for lunch, we will return at 2pm.

Wind Ensemble  - I have received permission for you guys to come in for a brief run-through (kind of like today's class :)  next Friday from 8:30-9am.  You have permission to be late to your B1 class - it will be marked as a field trip.  You will then report back to the band room at 1:55pm to prepare for loading buses and heading to DRHS. We perform at 3:30, Sight-read at 4pm, will be back at HHS at approx. 5:15pm

Parents - would love to have some chaperones, or at the very least - some audience members at DRHS next Friday for Concert Band and Wind Ensembles.  If you can take a break from work - we would love to have some supporters in the auditorium.  Concert Band performs at 11:30 and Wind Ensemble performs at 3:30.  The performances are open to the public and free :)

I am still trying to wrap up playing tests from my end - need to make sure I hear everybody before next Friday.  Read your assessment sheets and make those individual changes in order to perfect your part before our own assessment.  Individual improvements affect overall band quality tenfold.

SmartMusic - some folks have still not done this, but many had stayed after school on Monday to do the assignment, only to be told by admin. that they had to go home b/c of the inclement weather policy.  Please go ahead and take care of this this week - I will not accept any late submissions past Friday - but late is better than not at all!


Here is an update on the District Band Assessment schedule.  Once I get a finalized bus schedule, I will let you know more details...

Friday - March 16th
Concert Band - will depart at 10am for Deep Run High School
Warm-up 11am
Perform 11:30am
Sight-read 12:00pm
Will load buses and stop somewhere for lunch   -will be back for last block.  So - you need to plan on at least missing B2 and B3 on March 16th

Friday - March 16th
Wind Ensemble
Depart from HHS 2pm
Arrive at DRHS 2:30pm
Warm-up at 3pm
Perform at 3:30pm
Sight-read at 4pm
Return to HHS by 5:15'ish pm


Announcements for December:

Dress Rehearsal is on Wednesday – QUIZ GRADE
Concert Band – 3:45-4:30 (Group 1 and III percussionists only, Group II excused)
Wind Ensemble with Concert Band/Percussion Groups I and III – 4:30-5pm
Help with set-up from 5-5:15pm
Wind Ensemble - Winter Concert Sectionals must be held by Thursday night to receive the QUIZ credit
Winter Concert is on Thursday – TEST GRADE
Be here no later than 6:45
Concert order:  (small groups before/after/between)
Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Concert Band  
Wind Ensemble
Full Group – “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
You must be present in the audience (normal spot front left)
Have instrument with you b/c we need intermission for set-up/warm-up/tuning. 
You will warm-up and tune in Drama Room, as chamber music will be playing in auditorium
Wind Ensemble will warm-up on-stage (but these should not be the first notes you’ve played that evening  - get a preliminary warm-up on your own)
District Band Audition Prep Day is Friday – come prepared to volunteer!
District Band Auditions – Saturday, Dec. 10th at Mills E. Godwin HS
Registration starts at 8am – be there earlier if you want to get a early audition time
Auditions start at 9am
Provide own transportation
Next Tuesday – sight-reading for March
Next Thursday – Christmas Party
Secret Santa for Wind Ensemble, White Elephant gift exchange for Concert Band and Percussion
Gifts no more than $5.00
Bring in food/drinks to share if you wish

Other generic reminders:
Nashville reminder:Great trip!  Thanks!
Bring in luggage tags – everyone
Non-Seniors may keep instrument tags
Seniors – please give back instrument tags UNLESS you are using a school-owned instrument
*Marching Band
           Gig planned for you all next Friday morning – details to come
*Jazz Band –next week:  Lunches on Monday, hospital gig on Wednesday, movie day on Friday!

*This was also printed and passed out in class.  The only clarifications/changes from what was passed out in class are highlighted.

Marching Hawks and families...

Well - regular season is over, for both competitive marching band events and football...

On to the last phase...

1.) Nashville
Our MANDATORY parent/participant meeting is tonight at 7pm in the HHS Auditorium.  Please plan on being here and sitting in the bottom middle of the auditorium.
The three remaining marching band rehearsals are for Nashville participants only - November 16, 23, 30 - all from 3:45 to 5pm - NOTE THE TIME CHANGE
2.)  Play-off games...
Except for in the case of prior obligations, marching band members are expected to be at the play-off games.  This week will be a home game, and we will be wearing uniforms.  Students need to be here at 6:30pm, as the play-off game starts at 7:30pm.  Please let me know via email or parent letter by Wednesday if you cannot be in attendance this Friday due to prior obligation. 
Next week, if we beat Dinwiddie, the game will be for a volunteer pep band.   This will be an away game.  We will not be wearing uniforms, but rather - dress warmly and in Hanover colors.  This game is over Thanksgiving break if we go.  I do not know details yet.  I will need to know WHO is coming if we make it that far, rather than this week, which is who is NOT going. 
As marching band members, we are a team.  If you are at the game, you are with the marching band  - thank you for understanding.
Thanks!  Have a great week!!!


Parents and students,

Due to HHS being a voting facility, please note that all audience members must use the back entrance to the auditorium.  This is a somewhat hidden entrance located on back far-side of the auditorium away from the main entrance.

Participating students should arrive dressed at 7pm and can use the music hallway side doors to enter.  Please proceed with warming up upon arrival,  as well as getting a preliminary tuning in.

Concert Band should proceed to back doors of auditorium at 7:15pm for an on-stage warm-up.

Wind Ensemble should be seated in the Reserved Seating area by 7:25pm

The Concert begins at 7:30pm

I do expect students to observe all performing groups out of mutual respect for their hard work and dedication to our common cause - music.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Mrs. Birdsong :)


Not busy tomorrow night?  Come see....
Tuesday's Chorus/Band Fall Concert
7:30pm HHS Auditorium
Cost of admission - canned food item for donation to food bank

Marching Band
no rehearsal Monday  - Thursday this week
Friday - stay after for short rehearsal/videos/celebration dinner (not pizza :)  /dress in uniform...
bus departs for Glen Allen no later than 5:30pm
last regular season game at Glen Allen HS 7pm

Nashville Information
please take care of final payments ASAP

Mandatory Nashville meeting for participants and at least one parent/guardian, as well as chaperones.  Forms must be notarized that evening from both students and a guardian.  This meeting is on Monday, November 14th at 7pm in the Auditorium.

Nashville Practice Schedule:
November 16th from 3:45-5pm
November 21 from 3:45-5pm
November 28 from 3:45-5pm


Concert tomorrow...

Be here no later than 7pm
Warm-up in band room.
Concert Band - report to stage at 7:15pm for on-stage tuning (warm-up still is on your own in the band room)
Wind Ensemble  - report to auditorium with instruments no later than 7:25pm
Jazz Ensemble - make sure everything you need is in your performing area

Concert will start at 7:30pm
Price of admission - a food item for donation

Thanks!  Looking forward to a great concert - this music will be a great way for us to say thank you to our armed services past and present for serving us!

Marching Hawks:
I know this is slightly delayed - I am still, like many of you, recovering from this past weekend  - still in awe of how well the event went even though we were dealing with the Homecoming game being the night before HHMI, and our actual event happening the day of the Homecoming Dance.  I am never more proud of working with this program as I am at HHMI.  The spirit of volunteerism of both the parent and student portions of our program is so very heart-warming, and truly a model that I think many organizations could benefit from.  There is no place that I would rather be working than in the HHS band amongst all of you.  Thanks to you, and our fearless leader, Lorrie Blish - we tood something that most band directors I know considered a terribly frightening situation  - a double-booked day - and made it a Superior event.  Thank you for your dedication and service oriented work ethic.  I am humbled to be in your ranks.

I wanted to give an update regarding next week....

Monday - schedule is slightly different b/c of an Award Event that many of our students are involved in - congrats!
When I made the schedule, I was told the awards event started at 6:30 - I now know that it starts at 7pm. I do kindly ask that participants come directly to marching band (as it is our last Monday rehearsal, and our last field rehearsal of the competition season), as quickly as possible.  Thanks!  Rehearsal is from 7pm - 9pm on the Football field.

Tuesday - no rehearsal

Wednesday - 7:30am rehearsal for Concert Band Students and Group II Percussionists
After School - make-up rehearsal and showing (with popcorn!) of Rudy - the film that inspired our 2011 field show - and what will hopefully inspire our last week's rehearsal and competition to be the strongest ever!  3:45 - 6:30pm

Thursday - Regular rehearsal - 3:45- 5:45 on practice field

**Remember - we want 100% pass-off rate by all marching band members by the close of Friday!

Friday, October 28th
9th Annual Candy-Bowl HHS vs. LDHS @ HHS, AND 8th Grade Band Night
5pm - Dinner in the HHS Commons and Costume Contest (you do not have to wear a costume, but are encouraged to participate in the fun!  If not, wear HHS colors and dress in school appropriate clothes).
6pm - Rehearsal with 8th graders so that they can learn some of our stand tunes
6:30 - depart for stands
6:45 - LDHS pregame
7pm - approx. 9pm - Football game

I finally was able to get the information I needed about next Saturday's celebratory event.
Here is the final schedule for next Saturday, as well as details regarding money...
VBODA State Marching Assessment - the last hoorah for our competition season!!!

7:30am- be on football field (aka - Marching Band field :)  ready to get our marching warm-up in.
10:30am - warm-up
11:15am - perform at Warhill HS
After performance - change at trailers
Go back in stadium to see performances - can bring $ for lunch
12:45 - Announcement of Ratings
Approx. 1:30pm - load buses and depart from Warhill
Approx. 3pm - arrive at Swader's Sports Park
Dinner will be included in your package
Approx. 6pm - leave Swader's
Return time back to HHS - 7pm

Swader's packages:
Maximum Fun - $35 - includes 4 attractions (see list below), $10.00 of arcade tokens, and dinner pizza package/meal deal
Triple Hitter - $30 - includes 3 attractions (see list below), $10.00 of arcade tokens, and dinner pizza package/meal deal
Double  Play - $25 - includes 2 attractions (see list below), $10.00 of arcade tokens, and dinner package/meal deal

Laser Tag
Mini Golf
Small Bucket of Golf Balls and Club Rental


I need to know which package students (chaperones are welcome to participate, but do not have to), students are opting.
Each student will get a Play Card which will be loaded up with their Meal, as well as the Package they have chosen when they arrive.
Students need to pay and give me their package choice by next Thursday.
Please note - this is not a requirement.  All of the buses will be going to Swaders, but you may opt out of the packages and just buy a la carte at Swaders - the deals are not nearly as good as what we can get in our group rate, however.
I can accept cash, or checks made to HHS Band.

Sorry for the length of this email - I feel like it was better to go ahead and get everything out there....

Thanks so much for inspiring me on a daily basis!

Mrs. Birdsong

Exciting news!  We have decided to do a Fall Concert Americana Extravaganza with the HHS Band and Choral programs combined!  We have had to change dates to accommodate for this, but that is most wonderful as it will give the students in the Richmond Youth Orchestra groups a less hectic first week in November, and give all of our ensembles just a little more preparation time.

The changes are this:
No more concert on November 3rd.
Concert date is now November 8th (this is a teacher workday, and a student holiday).  Arrival time will be 7pm, with a concert time of 7:30am

No more dress rehearsal on November 2nd.
Dress rehearsal is now on November 7th .

NO 7:30 AM practice for Concert Band this Wednesday  - we will start on October 26th.
Percussion Group 2 is playing this concert
Our make-up Concert Band practice will be at 7:30am on Wed., November 2nd.

As always, there is no charge to come to this concert, but to help our community, we are humbly asking for you to help us as we begin the season of thanks"living," by donating one non-perishable food item for each concert-goer.   The food bank is really low, and we'd like to help out.


Due to last Friday's postponement of the game, we owe the band another pizza night!
Therefore, I would like to change Friday's schedule slightly...
We will still have after school rehearsal on Friday, but rather than providing a dinner break, we will provide pizza for the pizza package kids again this Friday night.
So - slightly adjusted schedule:  3:45 - 5pm - Field practice  Yay!  We got permission to use the field every home game Friday afternoon!
5:00-5:30 - stand tunes practice (would like to have 3 new stands tunes memorized and played at this Friday's game)
5:30pm Dinner
6:10pm - Dress
6:45pm  - in the stands

Thanks for a GREAT rehearsal last evening - you guys are truly a special group - wouldn't change anything about you!

Remember - higher stakes - 10 new stars need to be added on our "pass-off" poster by this Friday afternoon.

Thursday from 5:45 - 6:45 - Drumline has mandatory sectional time... other people - voluntary tutoring and pass-off opportunity available.

This Friday is Breast Cancer Awareness night...
Help us support this cause!  We will let the band sport pink bandanas at the game on Friday night .  I believe you can find these at Michaels, or Target.

Thanks -and have a GREAT last week in September!

Mrs. Birdsong :)

Some updates on Oct 1 and Oct 8 competitions:

October 1:  Midlothian  (This was a misprint in the band calendar-correction has been made)
4pm - be on HHS Football field ready to have a marching review
4:45pm - begin dressing (put personal clothes to change back into IN garment bags - place back on racks)
approx. 5:15pm - begin departing from HHS  to Midlothian HS
7:15pm - Band performs
Return to buses, WE WILL POSSIBLY change out of uniform into personal clothes - uniform check-in will happen at Midlothian HS
Bring $ for dinner -can purchase from their concessions and support their band boosters
Watch/cheer for  other bands while in the stands - we will sit as a group
9pm - Awards Ceremony
see this website for a full schedule of other bands' performance times: http://midloband.org/Showcase_of_Bands.html
Reload buses
Approx. 10:30pm - Return to Hanover High School (everyone will help unload equipment and uniform trailers before going home)

October 8th - Deep Run HS Competition (Again this was inverted on your calendar)
Talked to the band director today - this schedule has not been finished, although - it is currently looking to be pretty similar for HHS as the schedule above.  I will keep you posted. 


Amy Birdsong
*Enjoy your unexpected family time tonight!


Marching Hawks:
More progress made last night!  Let's continue to retain and improve each practice.  It's a mental game, and unless every member of the group is playing to win it, we will struggle make the improvements we need.

Thursday - practice from 3:45 to 5:45 on practice field ( we will huddle at 5:45).  If it rains - we WILL still have practice.
    ** Trumpets who still need to pass off, as well as drumline, we are going to have a sectional after practice from 5:45-6:45pm -please plan to attend so that you can get some more individual help on your music

Friday - wear band t-shirt to school if you have it to promote school/band spirit!
3:45 - 4:45pm - practice (whether this is outside or inside will depend on whether or not weather permitted us to be outside on Thursday - I am planning on this being a stand tunes rehearsal - but Thursday's weather may affect this)
4:45pm - dinner in Commons (remember to clean-up after yourselves :)
5:05pm - begin dressing
5:20pm - inspection starts
5:30pm - buses depart for DRHS
6:42pm - band plays pre-game at Deep Run HS
6:50pm - band plays National Anthem
7pm - kickoff
approx. 10pm - band back at HHS (pit equipment can stay loaded in trailer overnight/uniforms must be checked-in, but hat boxes and uniform racks can stay in the band room)

Saturday - Hermitage Classic at Hermitage HS  http://www.marchingpanthers.com/node/2   (see website for entire schedule of bands competing)

4pm - be on HHS Football field ready to have a marching review
4:30pm - begin dressing (put personal clothes to change back into IN garment bags - place back on racks)
approx. 5pm - begin departing from our HHS to the other HHS (Ha ha!)
Perform at 6:30pm
Take group picture
Return to buses, change out of uniform into personal clothes - uniform check-in will happen at Hermitage HS
Bring $ for dinner -can purchase from their concessions and support their band boosters
Watch/cheer for  other bands while in the stands - we will sit as a group
10pm - Awards Ceremony
Reload buses
Approx. 11pm - Return to Hanover High School (everyone will help unload equipment and uniform trailers before going home).

*** Please note:  I do not have the times yet for the Oct. 1st Deep Run HS competition.  I do have a TENTATIVE schedule for the October 8th Midlothian HS Showcase of Bands.... see below.   The reason it is tentative is b/c that is what the competition coordinator told me.  I hope to keep to the schedule below - will only change it if I am told we have to...

4pm - be on HHS Football field ready to have a marching review
4:45pm - begin dressing (put personal clothes to change back into IN garment bags - place back on racks)
approx. 5:15pm - begin departing from HHS  to Midlothian HS
7:15pm - Band performs
Return to buses, WE WILL POSSIBLY change out of uniform into personal clothes - uniform check-in will happen at Midlothian HS
Bring $ for dinner -can purchase from their concessions and support their band boosters
Watch/cheer for  other bands while in the stands - we will sit as a group
9pm - Awards Ceremony
Reload buses
Approx. 10:30pm - Return to Hanover High School (everyone will help unload equipment and uniform trailers before going home)


Good morning Marching Hawks Families!
It's the last day of Rookie Camp, and this group of rookies is absolutely phenomenal!  The work ethic of everyone who has been here for the marching session and sectionals has been strong, and we have been impressed AND appreciative :)  Keep it going guys, and this will be a great season for many, many reasons.

A few updates:
1.)  Returners:  Bring in your marching band shoes!!!! Uniform fitting has started, and we want to start fitting this year by fitting those of you who have your marching band shoes with you.  The reasoning for this is three-fold  1.)  We can make sure that you actually do have shoes, and haven't lost them - and if you have, you will know to order some at shoe fitting on the 18th   2.)  We can go ahead and get them put away correctly in your bag    3.)  We know that you will have them for group and individual band pictures on the 24th    4.)  We can get your hem correct on your pants from day 1!!!     Feel free to go ahead and bring in your black socks and gloves as well...
2.)  Rookies and Returners:  Just a reminder that shoe fitting will be on the 18th around noon.  You will get to try on and order shoes and gloves.  Many of you have paid for this already.  Please email our treasurer, Mrs. Santucci if you have a question or need to be reminded if you already paid for these shoes/gloves or not.  She's fabulous, and she will definitely get back to you.  annsantucci@verizon.net  
Shoes are $30.00, and gloves are $4.50 per pair -we recommend two pair).  Guard prices vary slightly - I will get those #'s to the girls.  Drumline and pit do not need gloves.   Note:  these items can be re-used every year, if kept up properly, and are not lost (I highly recommend putting your name in your shoes).
3.)  Camp next week:  Remember to wear the correct clothing and shoes - athletic shoes and socks, as well as comfortable clothing that work in our outdoor conditions, but also meets school guidelines.  Black t-shirts are hot, and bright colors like yellow attract bees.  Please wear and re-apply plenty of sunscreen.  Wear a hat and/or sunglasses.  Bring plenty of water, or some other hydrating beverage - no sodas please.  EAT BREAKFAST!! - a hearty one with both protein and carbs.  Bringing a snack out to the field is accepted and recommended. Lunch must be eaten on campus, so please pack one.
4.)  Camp times - Camp is 8-4, Monday through Thursday next week.  Rookies - note that the start time is earlier next week than this week.  We want to maximize the cool morning hours when setting drill :)  Parents - please know that we are generally always inside from approx. 12 noon to about 3pm - the hottest hours, to protect the kids.  Spend some time outside this weekend to prepare yourself for band camp better.
5.)  Next Friday - for the first time every, Hanover Co. is doing a marching band team-building session with AMAZING speaker, Scott Lang.  This exciting all play - no work session will be held at Atlee HS on Friday, August 19th.  Students will need to be there by 9am and meet up with the rest of the Hanover folks.  The session will conclude at noon, and students can be picked up from Atlee.  The Atlee Band Boosters have kindly offered to offer lunch to interested parties. They will be serving up, for $5.00,  1 Hamburger OR 2 Hotdogs along with  chips, dessert, and drink. 

Have a great weekend!  I'm pumped about this season!!!

Mrs. Birdsong :)


What:  Band Buddy Picnic
Who:  Rookie and Returning Marching Hawks, as well as New and Returning Band Parents
Why: For students to meet their new band buddy, and for parents to meet other parents and learn more about the program
When:  Sunday, August 7th, 5-7pm
Where:  Hanover Wayside Park - new Pavilion

The band will be providing hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and beverages.  We kindly ask that...
Rookie Band Buddies - bring one side item
Returning Marcher Band Buddies - bring one dessert items

ALL items should be brought ready-to-be-served.  Please take leftovers and/or platters/serving utensils home with you, or bring disposable items. 

All parents who are new to the Marching Hawk family, please plan on staying for the picnic, even if just for a few minutes as you drop the kids off or pick-up!  Take this opportunity to ease into the band experience before you are overwhelmed with back to school!  While the kids are off with their band buddies, there will be an informal meet and greet with various tables set-up to visit, including  Ann Santucci, Treasurer, who will have the balances due for band fees and trip money. We will also have some spiritwear information/order form, as well as information about volunteering regarding jobs and such.  We will have our very own HHS Sunglasses for sale  -it will be great to pick up a pair before band camp starts!  There will "seasoned’ band parents on-hand to answer any questions you might have.    This is a GREAT opportunity to meet a ton of really wonderful people.