Hanover High School Bands
       2011-2012 Marching Band Leadership

Drum Major
Colin Dillard
Colin Dillard is a Senior at Hanover and has marched since the beginning of his high school career. In addition to the marching band, he is also a member of the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. He enjoys playing clarinet, a honed skill of 8 years, and saxophone, a newly acquired skill, as well as dabbling on some other instruments. He has performed with All-District Band, All-County Band, GRYWE, VTHB, and on occasion plays for the Randolph Macon Pep Band. He also is a member of the Tri-M Honor Society, the W.E.B. Dubois Honor Society, and the National Society of High School Scholars. Although music is his main passion, he also has a passion for dance, and wishes to pursue that career as well.  He can seen performing with his crew Biohazard, who sport the colors black and yellow. While being a bit of a goof, Colin also has a serious side. Upon sight he is seemingly angry, but upon further conversation can be deemed as thoughtfulness. Among his various passions, he enjoys taking time from the world and hanging out, the color purple, and the Dub-Step movement. He says "Stuff happens. Its how you deal with it that makes you better or worse. So let the Bass Cannon kick it."
*Brass Captain
Trumpet Section Leader
Charlie Frise
*Woodwind Captain
Clarinet Section Leader
Cassie Davis
Charlie Frise is currently a Senior at Hanover. He has been playing trumpet for 7 years now, and taking lessons for 3 years. He has studied with Mr. Jim Pennington, and is currently studying with Dr. Mike Davison at the University of Richmond. Charlie has lived in the Mechanicsville area his entire life. He has performed with various local ensembles such as GRYWE, GRHSJB, SPARC, RSYO, and the Central Virginia Wind Symphony. He has also performed for church services, weddings, and youth services. Charlie has been an active
member of the Hanover music program, participating in Concert Band in 9th grade, Concert Band(Trombone), Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble in 10th grade, and Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and AP Music Theory in 11th grade. He is taking Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble his senior year. He plans to attend college focusing on some sort of Music area, hopefully Performance or Education. Charlie loves both the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. and koalas. His favorite color is blue, and tacos are the best food. Ever.
Flute Section Leader
Ashleigh Blish
Saxophone Section Leader
Ben Brandt
Mellophone Section Leader
Emily Turner
Trombone Section Leader
Brady Anthony-Brumfield
Emily Turner is a Sophomore at Hanover and is the Mellophone section leader for the 2011-12 marching season. This will be her second year marching with the Hawks.
Emily will be playing the French Horn in the Wind Ensemble and in Jazz Ensemble she will play piano. She has participated in All-District and All-County Band and is also a member of RSYO.
Emily's favorite color is pink and her favorite things in the whole wide world are sunglasses and ice cream!!!
Baritone Section Leader
Jack Ryan
Sousaphone Section Leader
Christina Stevens
Christina Stephens is a Senior and sousaphone section leader and has marched for 3 years.  She is also a member of the Wind Ensemble, has performed in all district and all county band.  She enjoys playing tuba and building muscle while lifting it.  She currently learning the french horn.
Christina is a full IB candidate and has taken up AP Music Theory.  She is president of Tri-M, a music honors society, and a member of the BETA,
Drumline Section Leader
Gilson Fearnow
Mallet/Pit Section Leader
Demi Barber
Freshman Coordinator
Taylor Brewer
Administrative Assistant
Julia Poyer
Julia Poyer is a Senior at Hanover.  She is in her fourth year of Marching Band and her third year in Wind Ensemble. During the 2011-2012 marching season, Julia will be playing the flute.  She will also serve as the Adminstrative Assistant to the Director.
Julia has an older sister, a five year-old sister and a twin brother (but most people don't believe them because they look nothing alike).

When she goes to college, she plans to major in Art Education and become either a middle school or high school art teacher.  Julia is really excited for the upcoming season...

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Colorguard Captain
Erin Massey
Colorguard Assistant Captain
Alexsa Good
Cassie Davis is a Junior at Hanover High School. She  has been in band playing the clarinet since 6th grade and loves it! She has been part of the Marching Hawks since her freshman year and believes that nothing else compares to the kinds of memories that she's made while in the band.
Last year, Cassie was the clarinet section leader.  This year she is the clarinet section leader for the second year and 
will also serve as the Woodwind Captain.  Other than band, Cassie is also a member of the Hanover Chamber Chorus and has played softball for the Hanover Hawks during the spring over the last two years.
Cassie loves to watch football (GO STEELERS!), travel anywhere, and hang out with family and friends.  One of her favorite bands is the Dave Matthews Band and she loves Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.
Ashleigh Blish is a Junior at Hanover High School.  This is her third year with the Marching Hawks.  She will be marching piccolo again this year and playing flute in the Hanover Wind Ensemble.
Outside of band, Blish can usually be found at the barn with her horse, Texas.  She competes locally in the CHSA circuit. In 2009 she was ranked sixth overall, and in 2010 she was ranked fourth.
Ashleigh is currently in the Dual-Enrollment Pharmacy program and plans to continue those studies in college.  She is a BETA and Latin Club member.
She loves the beach and the color turquoise.  When she grows up, she wants to be a pirate - but with slightly more swag. Hawk yeah!
Taylor Brewer is the rookie coordinator for the 2011-2012 marching season. She has been playing the flute for 5 years. She is incapable of living without some sort of music in her life. Taylor is involved in other community activities such as softball, her church's choir, church's band, National Honors Society, and 7th Up. Taylor enjoys devoting her time to those in need of it. She hates boredom, she'd rather be worn out from a
long day's  work. She is easy going and loyal to her fellow peers.  Recently, Taylor was accepeted into the Dual Enrollment Nursing program. She aspires to be a pediatric nurse someday.
Taylor has two snakes and a dog named Roscoe. As you see, she also has a love for animals as well as people. Taylor looks forward to a fantastic marching season!

Gilson Fearnow is a Junior at Hanover High and has been a percussionist since sixth grade. This will be his third year as a marching Hawk and he plans to do it his senior year as well. He played the cymbals and 1st bass his first year in marching band. He now plays the quints or tenors and is really enjoying himself! He will be taking Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble this coming school year. He is also a part of two groups or bands outside of school. Gilson used to enjoy his pet turtle Charles but unfortunately he has passed away. He loved that turtle, with everything he had.
Brady is currently a Sophomore, and has been playing trombone since 6th grade.  He has been a member of Hanover's Wind Ensemble and Marching Band from 9th grade.  He plays soccer, snowboards, and enjoys wasting his summer at the beach. He was the 2nd trombone in the district last year, and was eligible for all-state tryouts.  He bombed the audition though, getting 48th.  He will attend VCU's Orchestra Project this summer.  He is part of the Latin Club, Robotics, and FCA.   
Erin Massey is a Junior at Hanover and is Captain of the HHS Colorguard.  She has been a member of guard for eight seasons, including the Winter Guard.  She can spin any equipment. This is her 4th year with the Marching Hawks.  She has been involved in Guard since 5th grade.

Erin is currently a member of Robotics, BETA and NHS. She is a straight A math geek and a huge Doctor Who fan.

She has traveled about the globe, places like Jamaica, Mexico, Israel and Italy.  She hopes to one day to travel the world.

Ben Brandt is a Junior at HHS and is currently enrolled in Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. He enjoys a bundle of outside activities that involve band such as GRYWE, GRHSJB, District and County band, Richmond Concert Band, and Henrico Concert Band.
Ben will be Saxophone section leader for the HHS marching band. He plans on going to a musical college to get his doctorates degree in music performance and education. He also enjoys Biology and Engineering.
Ben has played a multitude

of sports like tennis, wrestling, basketball, swimming, pinewood derby racing, and Marching Band. Yes that's a sport.  Ben is a BETA club member. 
He enjoys nice long walks on the beach and wants to manage his very own Taco Bell for dolphins when he grows up. He is also currently taking dolphin at Hanover High.
NHS, Robotics (she went to St. Louis for the robotics championship), and competed in JCS Latin Convention for the Latin Club.
Christina plays varsity tennis and teaches tennis in the summer.  She also enjoys cooking for her family. 
She plans to apply to Georgetown University and minor in classics.
Jack Ryan is the Baritone section leader for the HHS Marching Band.  
He is a Sophomore and second year marcher.  He also plays in the Wind Ensemble.
Jack likes to watch the VCU RAMS WIN!

Demi Barber is a Senior at Hanover and is pit section leader. She has been pit section leader since her sophomore year!  She's been playing mallet instruments since fourth grade and really enjoys playing them. Other than marching band, she participates in wind ensemble and percussion ensemble and says she has the time of her life playing in these ensembles [:
Demi loves teaching people how to play the instruments that she loves so much! And if you would like to learn or need help on an instrument, she is definitely available!
Alexsa Good is a Sophomore and the Assistant Captain of the HHS Colorguard.  This is her second year as part of the fall guard.  She was
also a member of the winterguard, The Detachment, which is outside of school. 
Alexsa enjoys reading, writing, and color guard. In
Alexsa is excited to participate with JMU's summer guard camp and learn more about color guard. She is looking forward to working with leadership this season .
her spare time she like to hang out with friends, and swim in the pool.  She has played soccer since she was five and likes to play tennis for fun. Her favorite books are the Percy Jackson series, Eragon, Harry Potter, Pendragon, and the Rangers Apprentice. Her favorite T.V shows are Vampire Diaries, cartoons, and any good mystery or drama shows on.  She has a little brother in 6th grade.