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     The Concert Band is comprised of instrumentalists who sign up for this ensemble. This ensemble is divided into two groups who meet as a class separately – Woodwinds/Brass, and Percussion (Percussion class is called Symphonic Band on the students’ schedule).   Students receive 1 credit each for these classes, along with a grade which does contribute towards their overall GPA. The groups are required to meet outside of class time for approx. 3 morning rehearsals and one dress rehearsal per concert cycle.  This group performs at the Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, as well as District Assessment. 

The Wind Ensemble is the top-performing concert ensemble at Hanover High School.  It meets as a class in which students receive credit and a grade. Entry into this band is determined by audition only or at the discretion of the band director.  These auditions will take place in the spring prior to scheduling for the new school year.  Private lessons are highly suggested when performing at the level required in the Wind Ensemble. This ensemble performs at the Veteran’s Day Assembly, seasonal concerts, District Assessment and other opportunities as they are offered.  

The Percussion Ensemble is made up of Concert Band percussionists. They also perform as a Percussion Ensemble, a totally separate entity that works on extensive drum and mallet technique in music specifically written for this genre.  This ensemble will perform with Concert Band and as Percussion Ensemble at the Fall, Winter, and Spring Concerts, as well as an assembly and possible recruitment field trip.  

     The Jazz Band is an introductory jazz course available to any HHS musician who is already enrolled in Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, or Percussion Ensemble.  It is important that instrumentalists expand upon their skills by being fully immersed in classical training before adding this course.  Jazz Band will explore the history of jazz while introducing students to improvisation and the art of performing as a combo and big band.  They will begin to understand and appreciate the music and culture known as “jazz.”  Students in this group will perform at the seasonal concerts, as well as the spring Jazz dinner event.  

The Jazz Ensemble is an advanced ensemble that meets as a class where members receive a grade and class credit.  Participation is based upon audition or the director’s discretion.  The auditions will take place in spring prior to scheduling for the new school year.  Participation in a concert ensemble in conjunction with the Jazz Ensemble is required by Hanover County.  It is important to receive both classical and jazz training as one seeks to improve his or her musical talent.  This ensemble will perform at seasonal concerts, and frequent “gigs” in the school and community.  It is my hope to take this ensemble to venues and concerts that will allow them a better understanding of the music and culture known as “jazz.” Students in this class will receive Weighted Credit, and in addition to their regular coursework will also  require a major transcription project due by June 10th, 2013.  

Advanced Band is a weighted credit class that any Wind Ensemble student can test/audition into.  Please see the Weighted Credit page in the handbook for more information regarding entry into this program.

A thought on ensemble playing….
“All the others arts are lonely. We paint alone--my picture, my interpretation of the sky. My poem, my novel. But in music--ensemble music, not soloism--we share. No altruism this, for we receive tenfold what we give.”
Catherine Drinker Bowen (Friends and Fiddlers)